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Your companion tool in modeling your most complicated projects.

Starting from your CAD framings, SLABMESH meshes with one click slabs of complicated geometries, containing openings, columns, walls, beams and internal panels likes sunken's (under wet areas) or drop panels (at columns location).  All what you have to do is assign specific layers to each of the cited entities and load your CAD drawing with SLABMESH.
One click is sufficient to create a DXF file containing high quality quadrangular meshes where the center of each column is automatically detected, and refined meshes are generated nearby.

Your familiar design software may be very efficient regarding the calculation part, but not as performing when it comes to the complex and delicate task of building the computation model.
With SLABMESH you can create within minutes what you may not be able to acheive throughout days. If you are a professional designer involved in modeling complicated buildings and slabs on any commercial software, SLABMESH is the solution.

SLABMESH changes the way you design reinforced concrete slabs by providing exceptional quality meshes that allow the best discrete representation of a continuum model:

·  Negative moments at internal columns can be directly read without the help of interpretation tools and other “cuisines”.
·  Direct lecture of shear forces –usually very difficult due to the abrupt change in sign- at concentrated forces and columns is made possible.
·  Moments and shears at corners of slabs and openings give no more unrealistic values.

As simple as this:


  • This program is protected by a computer-binded license key. You can install the application on two different machines.
  • Please read the License terms before buying the software.
  • Please try the Demo version before purchase - limited to 15 runs (sessions).
  • It is strongly recommended before installing the software to download the latest framework from Microsoft. 
  • Many samples of slabs can be found inside the installation directory; look for "samples library" folder.
  • Watch the video here!
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